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Firstly, let me tell you about myself. I'm Atomic Gaming.  Professional Gamer/ Time Traveler/ Beta Tester/ Cosplayer/ Convention Goer/ Celebrity Interviewer/ Whovian/ Finder of Easter Eggs & References/ Pin Point Accurate Sniper in most FPS Games/ Novelist/ Amazing at COD Zombies/ Jokes mostly one liners and occasional good jokes, comebacks, & insults/ Impressionist/ Wearer of Ironic Shirts/ Quoter of Quotes/ Clone of Seth Rogen (laugh included)/ Digital Artist/ Puzzle Game Enthusiast/ Strategist/ Deep Thinker/ Nerd Extraordinaire. 

My Interest: Gaming, Writing, Comedy, Music, Photoshop, Photography, Cosplay, Conventions.

Quotes from me: 

"Try to be the best version of you there is, unless you suck, then be the best version of somebody else." 

"What is the world without laughter?"

A Little Bit About Me

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